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June 8th is National Best Friend Day!

We all have “a person”.

The friend that you share secrets with, you can count on to be there for you through thick and thin, the one you want to do fun things with, the one you want to just hang out with, and this is your day to celebrate them and your friendship!

And best friends are definitely worth celebrating! Did you know that close female friendships make you happier, less stressed, and give you a sense of belonging and purpose!?

It’s true!

And, You really don’t have to spend any money to honor your bestie, here are 10 ways to reconnect with your friend and show her some love.

10 Ways Celebrate Your BFF on National Best Friend Day

Have a coffee date Plan a meet-up at Starbucks, Dunkin or your local coffee shop. Nothing goes with chit-chat better than coffee!

Send a handwritten note or card Remember passing notes in school? Texting is the modern day equivalent, and while super convenient there is something about getting a card in the mail and physically holding the letter. Letters are a lasting reminder of your friendship, they never disappear into a cloud.

Take a hike (or walk) visit a nature preserve and go hiking, or take an evening stroll in the village. Walking and talking is a great way to reconnect, get a little fresh air, and exercise together.

Go shopping together One of my bestie’s and my favorite thing to do before we had kids was to go shopping. We had so much fun in the dressing rooms trying on clothes, checking out different cosmetics at the make-up counters and just general window shopping. These days we are more likely to be found in locally owned home decor shops, but it is still fun!

Cook her dinner Schedules are so busy, especially once you and your friend have kids. Getting out to dinner isn’t always possible, but you can still send dinner your friend’s way. Prepare a freezer meal! It will be such a blessing for your friend on a busy evening. Make sure that when you drop off the meals, you leave instructions on how to cook/reheat!

Have Girls Only Movie Marathon Stream all your favorite chick flicks. Beaches (grab your kleenex), Thelma & Louise, Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias are some of our favorite female bonding films!

Catch up over Facetime If you and your friend are separated by a great distance, make a date to Facetime or Skype.

Get Crafty Tackle all those Pinterest Pins you have been sharing with each other. You will not only spend time with your friend but get those creative juices flowing! Even if they turn out to be Pinterest fails, you’ll inevitably have fun and have a story to laugh about later!

Create a slideshow Gather all your old photos and videos to celebrate your friendship in a video.  Use Adobe Spark to easily create free great looking videos that tell the story of our friendship and celebrate your bestie.

Just spend time together You really don’t need to do anything special, just get together and reconnect with your best friends. This is the perfect day to chat about the past and present, and nourishing your relationship.


What are your plans for Best Friend Day?


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