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20 Homemaking Goals for 2020

I love the fresh start of a New Year!

Every year I like to take advantage of the New Years resolutions concept to freshen up areas of my life that might need a little work. Isn’t it wonderful how New Year’s Resolutions and Goals give us the opportunity to evaluate, to look at where we are, and where we want to be !?!

Goals, Intentions, and Resolutions allow us to acknowledge and forgive our past and move forward with our future. It allows us to challenge our existing situation and work to become better people.

Even though I’ve always set goals for the New Year, last year was my first year actually implementing the PowerSheets goal setting system, and I learnd so much!

We all set some sort of goals at some point in time: some we achieve, some we abandon, and others we kinda sorta attempt and kinda sorta get results. If you want to make serious changes in your life, build confidence, and grow as a person, you need to have a plan.

This year I am focusing my New Year’s Goals on 4 areas of my life: Family Relationships, Home, Fitness and Work.

While I was brainstorming homemaking goals, and how I could refocus on blessing my family with a spirit-filled, happy, comfortable, neat, and enjoyable home, I came up with 20 homemaking goals that I feel are all worthwhile.

20 Homemaking Goals for 2020

  • Model graciousness for your family. The world is not a kind place. There have always been, and there will always be mean, rude, and disrespectful people, but it seems lately incivility is on the rise. From politics to drivers on the freeway, and just about every situation in between, there is a loss of the niceties and manners that once defined civil society. Teaching children manners is something that is more crucial than ever. It is important that manners, politeness, and common courtesies are taught and practiced at home.
  • Adopt a cleaning routine Establishing a cleaning routine makes cleaning easier and helps keep you on track. Some great programs and systems to try are: Flylady, Clean Mama, or Motivated Moms
  • Invite friends or family over for a dinner party. Hosting people in your home on a regular basis helps to keep you on track & it gives you little deadlines for completing projects within the home. It also allows you to see the value in your space and culinary efforts, as you use it to bless others.
  • Create a budget. A budget is really the most basic step in taking control of your finances. Your budget helps you discover where you are spending your money and make the necessary changes to stop overspending.
  • Cut grocery costs. My favorite budgeting system comes from Jordan Page of Fun Free Or Cheap who recommends assigning $100 per person in your family, per month for groceries.
  • Eat more meals around the dinner table The dinner table can be a great place to unite the family. Sharing a meal is a great time to catch up, check-in with one and another, and connect.
  • Create a Meal Planning system Meal planning is so essential to making sure your family maintains healthy eating habits, keeping the grocery budget in check, and to alleviate the daily stress of trying to figure out what is for dinner.
  • Participate in a 30 Day Challenge A challenge is a great way to spark some competition and excitement (yes really!). Thirty-day challenges feel totally doable, you can do almost anything for 30 days. You can also use a 30-day challenge as an experiment. If it enhances your life, you’ll create momentum. If, however, you decide the challenge isn’t helpful you’ll at least know you gave it your best effort for one month.
  • Purge one room in your house each month until you’ve finished the entire house. When we as homemakers take the time to make sure there is a sense of order and cleanliness in our home, it’s telling the people who live here that they are important and that we love them. If your rooms are cluttered or uncomfortable, make this the year you declutter!
  • Stay on top of your laundry this year by doing one load per day. Every day my family creates new dirty laundry, so it makes sense that to offset this I should be doing at least one load of laundry a day. It keeps Mt. Washmore manageable, and I’m never overwhelmed by the amount of laundry I need to finish.
  • Organize Your Home Nothing is better than a home that is easy to navigate with belongings that are even easier to find!
  • Work on making your home a comfortable haven. Homemaking isn’t just about clean floors and toilets, it’s about nurturing others and ourselves. Homemaking is a loving act of service. It is about creating that safe cozy place to return to at the end of the day.
  • Start your day earlier I get up at 5 am EVERY DAY, and follow my morning routine to make sure I start my day with opportunity, clarity, and energy. While it wasn’t easy to get into this routine, after a couple of years it has become second nature and is one of my favorite times of the day.
  • Join a group of like minded women for support and encouragement. Joining groups whether in person, or online in places like facebook are a great way to share ideas, add some accountability to your life, and be inspired by others.
  • Speak every family member’s love language at least once a day. Until I had read The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts it never really occurred to me that everyone has different preferences when it comes to giving and receiving love. Knowing what you and your family need and value can help you build meaningful relationships, and love your family better. 
  • Spend more time with your kids. Now that my oldest is now in her senior year in high school I can fully appreciate how fleeting our time is with our kids.
  • Learn a new homemaking skill If you are feeling like you are stuck in a rut , learning a new skill can breathe new life into your routines and reignite your motivation. Try breadmaking, canning and preserving food, sewing, mending, and cooking from scratch.
  • Practice delegation Sometimes housework can feel like a never ending-battle, and as your children start to grow, resentment can also if you’re doing everything. Get the kids involved! Giving family members tasks to do around the house not only allows them to feel like they are a part of the household, but to learn to respect what you do to keep your house running.
  • Take time for your spouse or partner every day. Dating, or creating a unique and special time to spend focused on each other is so important to a healthy relationship.
  • Take time for yourself Are you putting your own self-care at the bottom of the list? It is easy to do, especially with kids in the picture. Taking care of you is not frivolous or even a luxury, it is required maintenance so you can continue to bring your best self to whatever challenges and other priorities the day presents. 

Have you chosen a New Year’s resolution for the year? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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Thursday 20th of February 2020

Excellent article! I just decluttered a room today. It so nice to know other woman are traditional homemakers like me?

Carolle Pithouse

Sunday 18th of July 2021

I am retired for two years now. I feel really idolated especially now with covid 19. My husband a great social life but me I still need to fine some friends. HOME ALONE HA! HA! HA!šŸ˜‹


Sunday 22nd of November 2020

I would love to be a full time homemaker but I work full time. Due to COVID I have recently been given the opportunity to work from home. Iā€™m trying to find a way to do both daily while I have the chance. Though our kids are grown, our daughter has come and gone a few times, she recently moved out again. Only problem is her acquired belongings are still here. Struggling with the juggle of homemaking and working has always left me feeling discouraged and inadequate. Hoping to gain confidence with these tips.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.