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20-Minute Bathroom Tidy-Up

Bathroom speed cleaning, I rely on it as part of my daily cleaning routine.  With 3 kids (one of which is a boy) being able to quickly and thoroughly clean my bathrooms is important to me. Over the years I have developed a routine to keep my house in order, and a daily speed cleaning session of my bathrooms is an important essential part of my routine to keep my house neat, tidy and company ready.

Every morning after the kids get on the bus, I take an hour and a half to tidy up my bathrooms, and kitchen. This quick tidy works if you have already decluttered and established a storage place for all the goods you store in your bathroom.  If you haven’t decluttered yet, go ahead and get that step done first, it will make daily clean up a breeze.

The 20-Minute Bathroom Tidy-Up

  • Clear off the counters Put away any styling tools, make-up, towels, and products.
  • Spray toilet, the floor around the toilet, countertops, and sinks with cleaner I use Method Antibacterial bathroom cleaner on these surfaces and soaking is key! The product takes 10 minutes to effectively kill germs and bacteria, and a good soaking helps cut down on the amount of scrubbing needed. While these surfaces are soaking move on to other tasks.
  • Empty the trash Spray with a disinfectant and replace wastepaper basket liner.
  • Clean the Mirror and Extras Spray glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth and clean the mirror starting at top and work your way down. I also will wipe any canisters or bottles and other items that we leave out on the counter, and light switches during this time.
  • Clean the Glass Shower Door I don’t clean my whole shower every day (I use a daily shower cleaner spray) but I do clean the glass shower doors every day, both inside and out, use the same microfiber cloth and glass cleaner that washed the mirrors.
  • Wipe down the surfaces you sprayed with antibacterial cleaner.
  • Squirt some bowl cleaner in the toilet bowl and give it a quick swish with a toilet bowl brush. This quick task, when done daily makes a huge difference in the appearance of the toilet area.
  • Check for other messes that need to be wiped up, these usually include toothpaste on the front of cabinets, and random splatters on walls.
  • Remove dirty laundry from hamper

This is a very quick clean of the bathroom. I do a deep clean about once a week that takes about an hour. The major difference between my quick clean and deep clean being I scrub the shower and tub, mop my floors instead of just wiping the area around the toilet, and clean my vanity, both inside and out.

What does your daily bathroom routine look like? Mine became this thorough out of necessity when I had kids. Previously, when it came to cleaning surfaces I just wiped everything down with a Clorox disinfecting wipe and swished the toilet with a cleaner.

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Monday 15th of February 2021

Hi, Jen! I got your 2/8/21 email "a little bit about me" and wanted to reply but my ad blocker won't allow me, so I am writing here to say thank you for your charming website devoted to Good Housekeeping and Happy Families! Sincerely,

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