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2019 Reader Survey

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and were able to celebrate all the joys of the season, and spend time with loved ones

We’re about to turn the page on 2018 and day “Hello, 2019!” but before we ring in the new year, I wanted to take a moment to ask you a very important question:

How Can I Help You?

While I love making my home a haven for my family, and I began this blog because I wanted to help other people find joy in creating a home they are proud of, and live a fulfilling life too!

I have talked before about my struggles with this blog; time, hackers, and technical difficulties have made blogging here a challenge in 2018. But honestly, I’m astonished by how much this blog has grown despite these setbacks – I’ve learned a lot in 2018, and I am ready to move on, 2019 will be a year of growth!

I can’t wait to document my progress with the Vintage Housewife Challenge in 2019, but I know there is more we can explore, and other areas of life we can cultivate together, and rather than try to guess, I thought I’d just ask you directly.

So I have a short, five-question questionnaire — it won’t take long to answer. I promise it’s painless, anonymous and will be extremely helpful to me — I would REALLY appreciate it!

As a special thank you I wanted to give you a FREE 1950’s HOUSEWIFE PRINTABLE PACK to help you start the New Year STRONG!

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