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2020 Powersheets Walkthrough and Review

After having such great results from using my 2019 PowerSheets I totally splurged and bought EVERYTHING this year. And I’ve been going through every single item, so I can share my thoughts with you! Tomorrow I will be going over all the accessories, but today I thought we’d focus on the 2020 PowerSheets!

PowerSheets Price

Let’s start with what we were all thinking when he heard PowerSheets would be getting a facelift this year:

“How much do PowerSheets Cost?”

This year the PowerSheets are selling for $60, which is up a couple of bucks from last year. I personally feel the price increase is minimal when you take into account ALL of the changes that have been made to the PowerSheets.

What’s New This Year

There are a lot of changes to the 2020 PowerSheets this year – and they are awesome!

The most noticeable change is that there is now a hardcover! There are 4 cover options to choose from – teal linen, pink linen, confetti, and blooms. They are all gorgeous covers! I chose the teal linen cover. Honestly, this year’s planner feels and looks much more like a premium planner than the previous years and now has the following features:

  • Hardcovers with gold corner protectors and a gold coil binding—built for real life. Coffee, travel, and purse-proof!
  • A gold O Ring binding, instead of the plastic binding from previous years.
  • Reinforced interior pocket to hold your Wildcard Pages, notes, or even stickers.
  • Monthly calendar spread to plan your goals and life.

Along with the updated look, you still get access to help and support from the Cultivate What Matters Team in 2020 which includes:

  • A monthly email containing goal coaching from the Cultivate Team team, filled with resources, inspiration, and FUN!
  • Video goal coaching guiding you through the PowerSheets Prep Work getting you ready for 2020.
  • Get extra materials in your PowerSheets, including “Word of the Year” card, encouragement postcard, and inspirational desk card.
  • Exclusive access to a free library of downloadable Wildcard pages to help you customize your goals, including a meal planner, finance tracker, reading list, monthly calendar, budget, and more!
  • Access to the private Facebook community of thousands of women making their goals happen right alongside you.

This year, inside the cover there is a new pocket. Each interior has a complementary pattern or color to. The teal linen has a blooms pocket, which is perfect because I was having a hard time deciding between a pattern or non-patterned cover. The corners are gold plated in order to protect the cover when decide to take your PowerSheets on the go with you – which I do…a lot.

This year, inside the cover there is a new pocket. Each interior has a complementary pattern or color to. The teal linen has a blooms pocket, which is perfect because I was having a hard time deciding between a pattern or a non-patterned cover. The corners are gold plated in order to protect the cover when decide to take your PowerSheets on the go with you – which I do…a lot.

And finally, the 2020 PowerSheets now include a monthly calendar as part of their monthly tabs. This is going to be perfect to set dates for certain goals to be completed, as well as dates you want action steps to be completed by. I will not be using this as my only planner. I have too many things going on on a daily and weekly basis.

Inside the PowerSheets

While the exterior changes are nice, we all know what lies between the covers is truly what matters!

The Prep Work

I had conflicting feelings about the Prep Work Last year, I just couldn’t get into writing my favorite colors, people I am grateful for, and other random facts, I just didn’t feel like it was necessary for the goal setting process.

This year there does seem to have been an attempt to focus and streamline the Prep Work, which I am really excited about!

This year there are 18 pages of prep work. And I’ve got to say, I think this is one of the changes I am the happiest about! Last year I did not complete all of the prep work pages, honestly, some of the pages felt redundant and or irrelevant to the goals setting process. The Culitvate What Matters team managed to streamline the process this year, while still coaching you to dig deep.

Everything from getting to know what is important to you, to vision boards, and big ideas for goals for the new year is included in the Prep Work, along with an amazing amount of ideas and instructions on exactly how to go about doing the prep work. Not only that, there is an entire week dedicated to the prep work at the beginning of December!

Your 2020 Goals

After the prep work, you move to the goals section of your 2020 PowerSheets. This is where you are going to list out your goals for the year. Then you go through each goal and create an action plan.

Your action plan doesn’t necessarily have to be for the entire year. However, it is a great place to start. What are the mini-goals and small starting steps that you need to work on in order to make progress on that goal?

Another big change is the number of goals. Instead of 10, there are now 8. Which is great, because I had only 4 goals last year, and felt like that was plenty!

After you have written your goals and action plans there is a yearly overview. Then you will move into the monthly sections.

Monthly Pages

Each month follows the same outline. The Prepare Well page, your monthly calendar spread, the Make What Matters Happen this Month spread and your Tending List. The final section is your Month in Review. This you do at the end of the month to gauge your progress. I love the month in review, it is so nice to look back and see your progress over the course of the year!

These monthly sections have changed quite a bit to make room for the monthly calendar. There is less space to dwell on your worries and stresses, and more space to reflect on your progress positively as you move towards your goals. I think this is a really great change. I am not one who likes to dwell on stress, so I never filled those pages out anyway.

January also has a section on “top tending tips” to get your year off right – something to refer to as you go throughout the year.

Seasonal Refresh

One of my other favorite features of PowerSheets is the Seasonal Refresh pages. This gives you a chance to evaluate your goals, and set new, more appropriate intentions if anything has changed. Each season has a theme, to help you focus on embracing the season.

  • Spring: Clear the Clutter
  • Summer: Have a Fruitful Summer
  • Fall: Savoring Cultivates Contentment

There isn’t a “Winter” season on that list, because your initial prep work in December is your “seasonal refresh.”

Each seasonal refresh gives you the opportunity to do a goal refresh in the 8 different areas that Lara Casey identifies throughout the PowerSheets:

  • Health
  • Friends
  • Spouse/Significant Other
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Spiritual + Personal Growth
  • Work
  • Recreation

You get to rate yourself on how you think you are doing, and why.

Then you can choose a new word for the next three months or some type of inspiration that is going to help you. Last year I kept the same word all year, it just seemed to fit, but I can see the benefit of changing it up if needed

After that, you will move into the goal refresh. If you have completed some of your goals, this is the time to make some new ones. Or maybe you realized that some of your goals aren’t working, or your situation has changed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very happy about all the changes to PowerSheets this year. I really appreciate the layout changes in the PowerSheets, The font is larger and easier to read this year. In previous year PowerSheets have had a lot of religious overtones, but I feel like the were really reeled in last year, and this year I think there are almost no religious mentions, making 2020 PowerSheets accessible to women of all beliefs.

Before I ordered my first set of Powersheets I often wondered “Are Powersheets really worth it”?. I mean, there is a lot of hype around this product.

I feel I have accomplished a lot with the help of Powersheets in 2019, and I purchased my 2020 Powersheets as soon as they became available, so obviously I am a fan.

Powersheets offer a beautiful space to evaluate your life, map out goals, be accountable, and reflect on the process.

For me, Powersheets gave goal setting a sense of direction, as I strive for happiness and well-being—and well, my best possible life.

I think Powersheets are TOTALLY worth it, IF…

  • You make the commitment to use them.
  • You are willing to answer tough questions about yourself in order to make positive changes in your life.
  • You are willing to give yourself (or learn to give yourself) grace if you don’t accomplish everything on your list.
  • You are motivated to achieve your goals.
  • You want to find your purpose.

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Tuesday 12th of May 2020

I would really like to use the Powersheets but I have a KikkiK planner that I absolutely love and as it is leather, it is aging gracefully with me! Is there any possibility that you can release a paid-for printable version of the Powersheets that I can add to my A5 sized planner please?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.