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5 Easy Things to Do to Prep For Christmas in September


I love Christmas, but I don’t love the how jam-packed the month of December is. Between company holiday parties, school choir concerts, family parties, out of town guests, every weekend is booked with events which does not leave a lot of time for baking, shopping, and general holiday prep.  So I have been doing my holiday prep earlier and earlier every year, and there are some serious perks to planning ahead.

The idea is to do a few things every month so that the holiday season will be less stressful and more enjoyable.  Here are the things I do to get ready for Christmas in September.

Deep Clean the Living Room

Every September I wash my walls, curtains, baseboards, and window and door trim. I also rent a carpet shampooer and clean my carpet, although, I am rethinking this, and considering buying my own carpet cleaner this year. This is also the perfect time to touch up any paint that may have dinged on the trim.  The super clean living room ensures we will be ready for holiday visitors and provide a clean slate for all the holiday decor!

Start Shopping for Decorative Accents

I love picking up small holiday decor accents at the Dollar Store, but they tend to sell quickly.   Spending some time at your local dollar store can be useful when you’re on a budget but still want to decorate festively.  The dollar store has everything from ornaments and stockings to festive place settings and floating candles. If your Dollar Store doesn’t have their Christmas display out yet, check back in a few days, it will soon!

Make a List

Make a list of everyone you will be buying gifts for and what you want to get them. Come up with a couple of ideas and a budget for each person. Make sure to include gifts for coworkers, neighbors, and a secret Santa and add a few extra just in case!

Open A Layaway Account

It’s hard to fit all the holiday shopping in one month’s budget so I love to take advantage of Layaway. Walmart offers Layaway beginning in September for toy and electronics free of charge. This helps spread the cost of those often pricey items over the course of a few months without turning to your credit card.

Christmas Card Prep

If you use a family photo for your holiday card now is the time to make the appointment for the photo shoot. Make a list of who you want to send cards to this year., and gather up and update addresses for the Christmas card list. If you haven’t tried keeping a list on your computer, this would be a great time to create a permanent database and update it every year around this time. Then you can just print the addresses on labels, which makes the process a little bit faster.

I don’t go all out super early, but I have found this is a nice foundation to get the ball rolling.

How do you prep for the holidays in September?

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