A New Year, New Vintage Housewife Daily Schedule Printable

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were fabulous and you were surrounded by people you love!

To kick the new year off I have freshened up the Vintage Housewife Daily Schedule Printable, and I have also added some bonus pages this year to help you track your daily chores.

A display of PDFS fanned out on a white background. Documents include the  The Vintage Housewife Daily Routine FREE Printable PDF, and a daily checklist

This year’s printable features the 1950’s Housewife Daily Routine, a Daily Checklist inspired by the Housewife Routine, a blank checklist, an hourly daily planner, and a meal planner!

You can download all this absolutely free, along with my progress in the 1950’s Housewife Challenge, housekeeping tips, & fun and easy DIYs. delivered directly to your inbox when you subscribe to The Vintage Housewife!

I’ll send you the FREE VINTAGE HOUSEWIFE ROUTINE PRINTABLE PACK instantly in your first emai!

The Vintage Housewife website on a white laptop sitting on a desk with a mug, pink flowers and pink office supplies.

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  1. Hey, as most people in this comment section, I’m also waiting for the confirmation-email and the printables. Please look into this problem, I’d really like to subscribe.

  2. Hi Jen. I am also having troubles receiving the new printables. I’m already signed up to get your emails but I tried signing up again to get the new printables but haven’t received anything.

  3. Hello,

    Could you add me to the list too? I tried subscribing several times, and there is still nothing in my inbox.

  4. Hi Jen! What a gem this is! I’ve subscribed but have not received an email….????. Please let me know how I can snag those printables! Thank you!!

  5. Could you add me to the list too? I tried subscribing several times this morning, and still nothing in my inbox 🙁

  6. I had a hard time finding where to sign up. I think the problem is that the fields where we type our name & email are so light that it’s VERY hard to see. It was only when I clicked the black “keep me updated” that the red square popped up because I didn’t type any info.
    I’m looking forward to my updates now!

  7. Hello, I’d love to get these printables, they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’ve tried subscribing with 2 different emails, 3 times, and it doesn’t seem to be going through!

  8. I could barely see the spots for sign up. Faded gray on not-bright white background? I found you by accident on YouTube and love this. Now waiting for an email.

  9. How soon after signing up do you send the printables? Not got anything in my inbox yet and really looking forward to reading through these 🙂

  10. I am not finding where to sign up (though admittedly I have a hard time seeing things right in front of my face lol). I would love to sign up and get these printables!

  11. Making albums filled with my mothers and grandmothers recipes for my daughters and granddaughters. Collecting vintage pictures and memorabilia to add to the collection and the 50’s housewife guide Would be the perfect addition.
    Thank you

  12. I’m so excited! Starting a little late. I did receive the subscription email, but nothing to download. Is there another way to find it?

  13. Hi Jen! I’ve just found your website and I love it! I love the idealistic feel of the vintage 50’s housewife concept. I’ve subscribed to your weekly newsletter and cannot wait to receive the printables! ^_^

  14. Hi, I would love to get the print out and do the challenge as well, however it will not let me subscribe to the mailing list. Is there another way I too can join? 🙂

    1. I think I FINALLY have this straightened out!!
      But I did manually add you. Keep an eye on your inbox, you will likely have to confirm your subscription, but after that, you should be all set!
      I am so glad to have you join us, talk to you soon!

    1. I am sorry about that! I am trying to get to the bottom of this problem, in the meantime I’ll add you, keep an eye on your inbox, and let me know if you don’t receive anything from me!

    1. I am sorry about that! I will manually add you, keep an eye on your inbox, and let me know if you don’t receive anything from me!

  15. First of all, I love your site. Very informative and fun. But, I have a question. I would love to have my house run as well a 1950’s housewife makes it look (at least on tv), but the truth is I am working mom. Do you have any thoughts on how to merge the two?

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