Budget Bedroom Makeover

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Earlier this year my husband and I invested in a new mattress, our previous mattress was given to us by a friend of the family at the time they had bought a new mattress, the mattress was likely 20 years old, and after sleeping on it for another 7 years ourselves we were not getting great nights of sleep.

I read every night in bed, and with our new mattress, it was something I really looked forward to, getting all cozy with a good book and just unwinding from the day, but the general atmosphere of our master bedroom, didn’t necessarily convey any sort of a luxurious retreat.

About 10 years ago was the last time I updated the bedroom. At the time, I fell in love with damask scroll wallpaper and decided to do an accent wall with the paper.  Have you ever bought wallpaper? That stuff is pricey! So, needless to say, the wallpaper ate up a good portion of by makeover budget.  I painted the rest of bedroom beige, bought a beige comforter, and beige curtains. I didn’t spend too much time accessorizing or decorating the room, and the lack of any color scheme, other than beige makes the room feel like it has no personality, from all appearances it was just a space to provide a restful nights sleep, a laundry staging area, and a place to get dressed. Hardley, the luxury retreat I have found myself craving lately.

I decided as my birthday gift to myself I was going to roll up my sleeves, tear down some wallpaper, roll on a fresh coat of paint and update my room a little, and I am so glad I did! I still have some additions I would like to make and I would love to paint my dressers but for right now, this is good.

I wish I could take credit for the mirrors on either side of the bed over the lamps, it is such a genius idea, but Pinterest deserves the all the credit! The mirrors bounce light around the room and make it feel lighter and brighter. The mirrors were pretty inexpensive but the beveled edges add a little bit of sparkle and really make them look a little higher end.

The linens and curtains really brought a breath of fresh air into the room. Slipping my beige comforter into the white duvet cover really changed the whole look of the room. And I really am loving the pop of aqua in the curtains and throw pillows.

Budget Breakdown:

I am not really “finished” with the bedroom, items I am still hoping to purchase are a piece of art for the wall by the closet, and an upholstered sitting chair, but I am willing to be patient and keep my eyes peeled for a good deal.

One of the things that surprised me the most about my mini makeover was my hubby’s reaction. My husband is not really into home decor, and I wasn’t even really sure if he ever noticed our bedroom looked like a beige college dorm, but he is really enjoying the new look, and ready to update a few other areas of our home.


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