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Buying, Collecting and Care of Vintage Items

Vintage kitchen items of bring back memories of cooking with grandma, family meals of our youth, and simpler times. I have put together a list of 10 Nostalgic Kitchen Items You’ll Find at Goodwill, to help you add a little bit of vintage decor to your kitchen.

Collecting Vintage Pyrex

I’m willing to bet that you have at least one piece of Pyrex bakeware stashed somewhere in your kitchen. It might be your mother’s mixing bowl or a piece of your grandmother’s refrigerator set. The colorful kitchenware is a fun collectible.

Collecting Vintage Enamelware

Last week while I was perusing Goodwill, I ran across a small collection of Vintage Enamelware pots and pans, there was also a small stack of plates that were in a pretty bad condition that I left at the store,...
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