Weekly Chores by Day

  Remember those cute vintage days of the week kitchen towels that depicted a character in the midst of a household chore? These sweet sets of towels known as Day of the Week Towels, commonly depicted an image of a Dutch...

Budget Bedroom Makeover

Earlier this year my husband and I invested in a new mattress, our previous mattress was given to us by a friend of the family at the time they had bought a new mattress, the mattress was likely 20...

Life Without a Clothes Dryer

2 months ago my second-hand electric clothes dryer called it quits. It was a good dryer while we had it. Sure, we ran into the occasional issue, but it was nothing that a quick parts order and Youtube video...
I don’t think anyone really enjoys cleaning the bathroom, but it is probably safe to say we all appreciate a clean and pleasant smelling bathroom. DIY Bacteria Busting Bathroom Cleaner Spray, not only cleans your commode but will banish...
I attempted the vintage housewife challenge last year but fell short in my efforts once spring rolled around. I have a suspicion all the schedules and lists I am finding online where the typical SUBURBAN 1950's housewife schedule. I...

Motivated Moms Review

An honest review of the home management app Motivated MOMs.
A more organized, clean, and uncluttered home is only 40 days away.

20-Minute Bathroom Tidy-Up

This 20-minute cleaning guide will help you tidy your bathroom when you’re short on time.
I’ve recently been taking a good hard look at my grocery budget, and while I consider myself to be somewhat thrifty,  I noticed I was spending a significant amount of money on frequent purchases of huge packages of paper...
I am a modern gal, inspired by the past to create a home that is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I believe that we can fill every aspect of our homes, and ourselves with creativity, comfort, and calm. Join me as I rediscover the lost art of homemaking.

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