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I don’t think anyone really enjoys cleaning the bathroom, but it is probably safe to say we all appreciate a clean and pleasant smelling bathroom. DIY Bacteria Busting Bathroom Cleaner Spray, not only cleans your commode but will banish bathroom odors. Made with Castile soap, tea tree, and eucalyptus oils, this is a powerful cleaner you can make at...
I attempted the vintage housewife challenge last year but fell short in my efforts once spring rolled around. I have a suspicion all the schedules and lists I am finding online where the typical SUBURBAN 1950's housewife schedule. I live on a small family farm in the Northeast, we are somewhat rural, but not as isolated as families would...
An honest review of the home management app Motivated MOMs.
This 20-minute cleaning guide will help you tidy your bathroom when you’re short on time.
I’ve recently been taking a good hard look at my grocery budget, and while I consider myself to be somewhat thrifty,  I noticed I was spending a significant amount of money on frequent purchases of huge packages of paper towels. Life, is after all, messy. Paper towels are a simple and convenient solution to the daily messes that go along...
I am a modern gal, inspired by the past to create a home that is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I believe that we can fill every aspect of our homes, and ourselves with creativity, comfort, and calm. Join me as I rediscover the lost art of homemaking.

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