Make Someone Smile: Free Compliment Card Printables

Compliments are a simple way to brighten someone’s day, share these compliment card printables on National Compliment Day January 24th, or any day you want to bring a little extra kindness into the world.

free compliment card printable for kids lunches,  on a white wooden table, surrounded by a sandwich, brown paper bag and kids lunch snacks.

Do you remember how you felt the last time someone paid you a compliment? It’s nice, right?! Today I thought we’d talk about the importance of compliments, how to accept a compliment, and I even have a cute free compliment card printable to brighten someone’s day!

Why Should We Make an Effort To Compliment People?

For such a simple gesture, a compliment has a powerful effect. It can help boost confidence in a child, or validate someone’s hard work. A compliment not only has the power to improve the receiver’s mood, but it also encourages us, as the giver to reflect on what we admire about people.

At its most basic, a compliment lets someone know we noticed. Whether we recognize someone’s achievement, their style, or positive behavior, a simple compliment can go a long way.

free compliment card printable for kids lunches,  on a white wooden table, surrounded by a sandwich, brown paper bag and kids lunch snacks.

How to Give Genuine Compliments

Be Authentic

Paying a compliment to someone with no other motivation besides being kind, and expecting nothing in return gives the right impression and will have the most impact of the receiver. Phony, insincere compliments are easy to spot by everyone. Your compliment must be authentic, specific, and seem and feel believable.

Make the Reciever the Focus of the Compliment

I personally think the number 1 thing that makes a compliment sound shallow is when you don’t actually compliment the person. When you compliment something that is outside their control or an inanimate object they own the compliment comes across as superficial and will seem insincere. If you notice someone’s shirt, instead of saying “I like your shirt” try saying “You really have great style, your shirt is fabulous”

Complimenting Kids

While I do compliment my kids on their appearance, I make a special effort to compliment them on their character and achievements. Praising kid’s character and achievements let them know you appreciate them as a person while complimenting their appearance lets them know that you are paying attention, and both kids of compliments have value. Sometimes kids need to hear one or the other, or both.

Graciously Accepting Compliments

If someone gives you a genuine compliment, treat it as a gift and to accept it graciously, with a smile. It takes confidence and requires us to look for the good in others to give a compliment. Don’t reduce the effort by shrugging it off, or by playing it down to appear humble or modest. A genuine smile and “Thank you, that’s very nice of you to say” is a great reply to a compliment.

Square free compliment card printable  reading "You make me happy", "your smile is the best" and "I love your style" on a white wooden table laying next to a pair of scissors.

Compliment Card Printables

I created these fun little compliment cards to tuck into my kid’s lunches and tote bags, as a simple way to let them know I love them and that I am thinking of them. While the compliment card printables could be used in a variety of situations, and are not super personalized I think the surprise of finding a compliment card when it is not expected, still can brighten child’s day. And there is something wonderful about physical proof of a loving gesture.

a uncut page of compliment card printables
Click to download these free compliment card printables

How will you use these free compliment card printables? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I will use it in my family’s lunchboxes and also as a kind gesture to the ladies in my prayer group.

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