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Love Home

Create a home that is peaceful, happy and productive, while nurturing yourself and your family.

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  • My Word of The Year: Grace
    My word of the year is meant to help me move through my year intentionally and remind me of what I have decided to prioritize.
  • Before We Go Any Further I Need To Say A Few Things
    This past year has been one of turmoil for many of us, there have been many ups and downs. Interestingly, my site saw a spike of new visitors when several …
  • Vintage Valentine’s Day Playlist
    These vintage love songs reflect the innocence of teenage love, sung by legends who were involved in some of the greatest love stories ever to be told. One thing is for certain, these songs are timeless and inspire a romantic ambiance, perfect for Valentines Day.
  • Have a Merry Christmas & Blessed 2021
    I will be stepping away from my computer and social media for a little bit to focus on my family but wanted to leave you with little note before I …
  • How I’m Getting Back on Track in 2021
    Around Thanksgiving every year, I sit down and conduct a year-end review. What have I achieved? What do I need to focus more on? Well, it came as no surprise …
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Planner Deals
    Are you still shopping for a 2021 planner? If you are, I have great news for you! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect time to order an hourly, …

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