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How PowerSheets Actually Changed My Life

In December 2018 I tipped the scales to the heaviest I have ever been. I had 3 kids participating in year-round sports, and I was overwhelmed juggling schedules, meals, relationships, household chores, and my websites. I had put self-care and relationships on the back burner.

I was over-extended and under-nourished.

I knew I needed to change, but wasn’t sure where to begin. Traditional goal setting on January 1st never really seemed to work for me.

It was around this time it seemed my Instagram feed was flooded with stories and photos of Powersheets, and thousands of women using them to build better habits, and set intentional goals. I had never really heard of them before, but I was intrigued and decided to check them out.

While PowerSheets (or really any tool for that matter) are not ever the sole reason women were succeeding at their goals, I knew I didn’t have much to lose if I at least tried to use them to help give me a little direction.

After I received my Powersheets, I had to do the prep work, which I actually kind of struggled with. I found it challenging to be as vulnerable and raw as I knew I needed to be if I really wanted to get down to what really mattered to me.

It took me about a month to do my prep work. I’d work in small pockets of time, putting my Powersheets in my desk for days at a time for some introspection and reflection.

Once I finished my prep work, I choose “Nourish” as my word of the year. As we enter the last 90 days of the year, and I look back at what I’ve accomplished, I think my Powersheets and word of the year has served me well.

Thoughts on Powersheets after 1 Year

After almost a year of committed use of my Powersheets, I can honestly say the Powersheets Goal Setting format is one the speaks to and inspires me.

Within my Powersheets, I was able to put ideas, longings, and dreams to paper and utilize the spaces in the Powersheets to help me map out realistic goals.

Goals that MATTERED to me.

I was able to hold myself accountable and celebrate successes and practice grace when things hadn’t gone as planned, month after month.

I realized that small changes add up little by little, to something much bigger.

Overall, Powersheets helped me grow in these areas in 2019:

  • I FINALLY took control of my health and fitness. I set a goal to lose 40 lbs. I am down 35, and feel great! It has been an amazing journey, and powersheets helped me break down what felt like a huge goal into small actionable steps!
  • I found I LOVE jogging, and schedule the time to go out every week with my dog and an awesome playlist for a 2-mile jog. It’s cheaper than therapy and the perfect way to spend time outside! And, I am signed up for my very first 5k!
  • I cultivated better daily habits of drinking more water, taking multi-vitamins, taking my medicine, exercising, cleaning, blogging and reading for fun.
  • I cultivated relationships with family by being more present and letting them know they are important to me through small thoughtful gestures.
  • strengthened my relationship with my hubby by increasing the time we are spending together and making more of an effort to be present and available when he needs me.
  • I am working on my relationships with friends by setting lunch dates with old friends and coffee dates with new friends.
  • I established an evening routine to really focus on my preparing for the next day. It may not seem like much but doing just a few things in the evening helps start the next day off right, and I make most of that fringe time.
  • I am making my home a haven, and finally crossing projects off my to-do list that have been lingering there for years! Painting the bathroom, and painting my youngest daughter’s room, were projects I’ve wanted to get done for years, and it felt SO GOOD to get those done.
  • I am establishing better systems to promote efficiency and organization. I moved an old desk we had into the living room and created an organized mom command center. This has done wonders for my organization and management of paperwork.

Why am I So Obsessed with Powersheets?

Before I ordered my first set of Powersheets I often wondered “Are Powersheets really worth it”?. I mean, there is a lot of hype around this product.

And chances are, you may be reading this post with a little skepticism yourself.

I feel I have accomplished a lot with the help of Powersheets in 2019, and I purchased my 2020 Powersheets as soon as they became available to Cultivate What Matters Affiliates.

Powersheets offer you a beautiful space to evaluate your life, map out goals, be accountable, and reflect on the process.

For me, Powersheets gave goal setting a sense of direction, as I strive for happiness and well-being—and well, my best possible life.

I think Powersheets are TOTALLY worth it, IF…

  • You make the commitment to use them.
  • You are willing to answer tough questions about yourself in order to make positive changes in your life.
  • You are willing to give yourself (or learn to give yourself) grace if you don’t accomplish everything on your list.
  • You are motivated to achieve your goals.
  • You want to find your purpose.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.