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I like to think I am a pretty tidy person, but life happens and things can fall through the cracks.  If you have spent any amount of time looking for resources to the help you keep a clean house you probably have stumbled upon the Motivated Moms app or MOMO for short. I am always looking to streamline my routine and decided to take this app for a test drive to see how it works, who would benefit from it, and who might want to look elsewhere for guidance.

The MOMO app is available on iTunes and Google Play. I tried out the android version and placed the icon top and kind of the center of my home screen so I could easily access it, and would be more likely to use it.

The motivated mom app is essentially a daily checklist of tasks, it is not an impossible list, but instead a daily list of simple chores, that repeat weekly to help you stay on top of your basic responsibilities without becoming overwhelmed. It’s not meant to keep your home open house spotless. It’s about helping you build habits and routines to be more efficient and purposeful with your responsibilities as a homemaker.

At the time of publishing this post, my test run of Motivated Moms ran for the length of 2 weeks. I decided to try out the “lite” version aka the free version.  The App comes preloaded with about 14 daily tasks that are to be done every day, and 3-6 day specific tasks. With the lite version, you can add up to 5 of your own additional tasks daily.

The app includes 2 months of tasks and server access. Additional time and tasks can be added via in-app purchase. The are basics are all listed for you: Change dish towel, Clean kitchen sink, Empty trash, Do Laundry etc. The app also recommends daily bible readings, not religious? You can hide these reminders, but it doesn’t free up any additional space in the free plan, you are still only limited to adding 5 chores of your choosing.  Things I would have liked to see on the app? Maybe a notification or status bar that reminds you how many tasks you have yet to complete…

The Downside To The Motivated Mom App

I was hoping to find a more structured long-term plan to make sure everything got done on a routine basis.  Everyone’s cleaning challenges are unique,  but for me personally when I have struggled with keeping house, at one time or another, it is because I have allowed clutter to accumulate, and have become overwhelmed. Some of this is due to procrastination: “I don’t have the time to deal with this right now”, so it is added to a pile. And despite all my good intentions to deal with that pile at some point in the near future, it tends to just get bigger and bigger.

If I don’t make my bed on a daily basis, nothing happens, there is no cumulative effect. However,  if I don’t have a plan to deal with junk drawers full of unneeded items (rubber bands, old batteries, or old keys), closets full of clothes we longer wear, and other family members’ clutter that have a tendency to invade our common spaces, there is a very noticeable difference in the tidiness of our house.

As helpful as some of the chores on the motivated mom app are to some, I don’t need reminders to clip my children’s fingernails, I need to focus on removing the excess in a systemic way, so it will be easier to develop habits to better manage my household.  With the lite version I could only see the tasks a week or two ahead of time, and from what I could see once a week there is a recommended spot to declutter, but these seem more like an afterthought, and there doesn’t seem to be a fixed plan or system to slowly declutter an entire house.

Could I have paid for the full version, subscribed to the yearly plan and overhauled all the tasks within the app to fit my needs? Absolutely! Would it be an efficient use of my time? Probably not. There are many free apps that allow me to make lists. I am currently using Trello and a physical paper planner to keep myself organized, and I have to say there is something about the act of using a pen and writing something down that triggers my brain to register the note as an action item.

I don’t want to sound like I am discouraging anyone from trying the MOMO App. I actually think this app could be amazing to someone who is struggling to set routines and create habits.  Particularly I could see certain situations where MOMO would be great:

Mom with a new baby – no matter whether is is the first little one or the fifth. A new addition to the family can be a big time of adjustment and can leave you feeling scattered as you adjust to a schedule that is no longer set by you. MOMO will probably help you get things accomplished in the small pockets of time you have available.

Newlywed – Having a Motivated Moms planner can help set the foundation for a lifetime of successful home management.

Family Sickness or Crisis– Mom is sick, a child has surgery, or dad loses his jobs; all of these events can throw the best of us off track. Having this system available can be a blessing during these times.

Organizationally Challenged – For the wife/mom who just can’t seem to set up and implement a system, this is perfect. The day’s and week’s schedules of tasks/chores are not overwhelming. It provides a guideline you can later build on to help you have a clean home and time for life.

Bottom line, this app is great for creating daily routines, but not for those of us looking for an organizational tool to keep track of routine tasks (like housework and declutters) to avoid the snowball effect that results in days of cleaning, decluttering, and organization, this app is a pass.

What are your thoughts? Do you use the MOMO app? Am I missing something?

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