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Motivated Moms App Review

Updated January 22, 2020. Orignially published March 24, 2017.

Back in 2017, I wrote a review of the Motivated Moms Productivity App, also known as MOMO. At the time, if I am being honest, I was not impressed with the functionality of the app. It was glitchy and lacked features and customizations that some of its competitors had. Little did I know at the time, when I reviewed the original Motivated Moms App, the app was most likely no longer supported. The developer of the app had succumbed to a very aggressive cancer had passed away roughly around the same time I tested the app.

At some point, the developer’s wife decided to continue to offer the Motivational Mom System in the form of Printables, daily task lists designed to be used in place of the app while she sourced a developer who could redesign and rebuild the Motivated Moms App.

I purchased a Membership to the Motivated Moms Printable Library in 2019 in hopes to update my original review. However, the printable library didn’t work for me, and I determined it was not worth my time to write a review. Despite not wanting to pursue a review of the printable library, with my paid membership to the Printable Library, I was granted first access to the app, and privy to updates about features and releases as the app was in development. Once the latest app was released I decided to give Motivated Moms another chance.

The MOMO app is available on iTunes and Google Play. I tried out the android version and placed the icon top and center of my home screen so I could easily access it, and would be more likely to use it.

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Motivated Moms APP Pricing

The MOMO app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Currently, the annual membership price is $12/year, but there is a disclaimer on the Motivated Moms Website that there will be a price increase this year.  But, if you purchase a membership at the current price, you will be locked into the $12 a year membership fee, despite the planned upcoming price increase. 

Once your payment is processed you’ll immediately have access to not only the app, but also ALL versions of the Motivated Moms printables inside the membership area of the Motivated Moms Website.

Also included with the annual fee is the opportunity to join a private Facebook group for Motivated Moms members. I have not joined the group so I can not offer any thoughts or opinions on this specific benefit of the Motivated Moms Membership.  

Phone displaying the motivated mom app daily checklist on a desk next to glasses, and a computer keyboard

How Does the Motivated Mom App Work?

The motivated mom app is essentially a daily checklist of housekeeping and home management tasks. It is not a massive list that is impossible to complete, but instead a daily list of simple chores, that repeat weekly to help you stay on top of your basic responsibilities without becoming overwhelmed. I still believe the app is not meant to get or keep your home open house spotless. It’s about helping you build habits and routines to be more efficient and purposeful. If you downloaded the 1950’s Housewife’s Daily Schedule a lot of the tasks will look very familiar to you!

Key Features of the Updated 2020 Motivated Moms App

  • The daily pre-planned task list is presented to you so you can easily start working on the list. No time-consuming set up necessary! But if you want to customize, you can.
  • The preplanned tasks are editable: you can change the task name and frequency to fit your household.
  • You can add your household members and assign tasks to them. Everyone can choose their own emojis to make it even easier to find their tasks
  • You can share your membership account with your household and the data syncs across all devices who have downloaded the app.
  • You can add unlimited custom tasks.
  • You can change the sort order of the tasks – by room, by person, frequency, or alphabetical.
  • A bible reading schedule can easily be turned on or off.
  • Swipe left on a task to edit or delete.

Below is an example of the tasks you will find within the Motivated Moms App, this is not a complete list:

Core Tasks:

  • Clean Kitchen Sink
  • Clear/Wipe Counters
  • Do Laundry
  • Empty Trash
  • Exercise
  • Feed Pets
  • Load/Run/Empty Dishwasher
  • Make Beds
  • Plan/Cook Dinner
  • Prepare Tomorrow’s Clothing
  • Sweep Kitchen/Entryway
  • Take Medications/Vitamins
  • Wipe Out Bathroom Sinks

Examples of Weekly Tasks

  • Change Sheets
  • Refill Soap Dispensers
  • Wash Bathmats

Examples of Seasonal Tasks:

  • Change AC/Furnace Filter
  • Clean Oven inside and Out
  • Check Prescriptions
  • Check Smoke Detector Batteries
  • Clean Behind and Under Refrigerator
  • Clean blinds and curtains
  • Clean Doorknobs
  • Clean out & Organize Pantry

I’ve been using the Motivated Moms App for a couple of weeks now, and while I haven’t been utilizing all the features of the app, I can say that this app is definitely an improvement to previous versions of the Motivated Mom system.

Phone displaying the motivated mom app daily checklist on a desk next to glasses, and a computer keyboard

Who will love the Motivated Mom App?

Mom with a new baby – Whether you just gave birth to your first little one or the fifth. A new addition to the family can be a huge adjustment and can leave you feeling scattered as you adjust to a schedule that is no longer set by you.  The Motivated Mom App will probably help you get things accomplished in the small pockets of time you have available.

Newlywed – Having a Motivated Moms planner can help set the foundation for a lifetime of successful home management.

Family Sickness, time of transition or crisis– Mom is sick, a child has surgery, or dad loses his job, mom starts working out of the home; all of these events can throw the best of us off track. Having this system available can be a blessing during these times.

Organizationally ChallengedThis is me!!  If you are like me and just can’t seem to set up and implement a system that works with your routine, this is perfect. The day and week’s schedules of tasks/chores are not overwhelming. It provides a guideline you can later build on to help you have a clean home and time for things you enjoy. 

What the Motivated Moms App Does Very Well

The Motivated Moms App is great for creating daily routines that will help you keep your house neat and tidy.  If you don’t have a cleaning routine and are overwhelmed I think this would be a great app to give you structure and do daily tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed.

What Does the Motivated Mom App Lack?

I really feel the Motivated Mom App is very well thought out, easy to use, and has great features, particularly the ability to delegate chores to other household members.  I personally would love to see a built-in timer to motivate myself to get chores done more efficiently. Being able to set/receive reminders/notifications for specific tasks would also be highly useful. And, the inability roll over an unfinished task to the next day without changing the schedule completely is especially frustrating.

What are your thoughts? Do you use the MOMO app?

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Dana Bishop

Friday 24th of January 2020

I am an empty nester but function well with structure. Do you think this app would be relevant to homemakers without kids?


Sunday 16th of June 2019

Motivated Moms is in the process of coming out with a new app, so I would recommend reviewing it again once it is rebooted.


Sunday 16th of June 2019

Hi Christi, Thank you for letting me know! It has been a couple of years & I am looking forward to revisiting this app when it is relaunched!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.