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Motivational Monday: Summer Vacation, A Clean House and Tackling the To-Do List

Happy Monday, friends!

Today is my last day of taking a prescribed course of prednisone, and while I started out feeling horrible, near the end of my treatment I was not only feeling better but had a ton of extra energy to burn. I spent a lot of time cleaning my house, which always happens when I am on prednisone. It is one of those odd side effects the Dr doesn’t mention, for whatever reason, it puts me in the mood to clean.

So now that my house is presentable, and I think I have the kids on board with maintaining this level of cleanliness this summer. I have been thinking about the organization systems I have in place that are working for me, and the ones that aren’t. I think I will share a post about my favorite organization hacks, and maybe even some fails (I am looking at you under sink storage area) soon.

This week we have some form of baseball every night, which I actually really enjoy now that school is out. Friday is my son’s birthday so we will likely do a birthday dinner out after the baseball game.  We have a wedding on Sunday, and it is looking like the temperatures are going to be in the high 90’s, so I will be shopping for a cool and comfortable dress this week.


What I am Working On….

I have been super focused on getting my house in order, and for the most part, it is in good shape, there are a few areas that need organization or attention, but I will be working on those at a slower pace, and as I can invest in the pieces I want to complete decor and set up organizational systems.

On the menu for this week….

Monday: Sheet Pan Pineapple Chicken Fajitas
Tuesday: Grilled Pork Chops, potato salad, and corn
Wednesday: Clean out the fridge night (AKA leftovers, you’re on your own)
Thursday: Dorito Taco Salad (a kid favorite!), cornbread, and watermelon
Friday: Top your own pizza night with homemade pizza dough, I set out olives, onions, pepperoni, sausage crumbles, shredded cheese and let the kids build their own pizzas
Saturday: Grilled Chicken with Cobb Salad
Sunday: Garlic Grilled Steaks, roasted vegetables, and baked potatoes

On my to-do list…. 

This week isn’t looking super great for farm work like cutting or baling hay, so I should be able to focus my efforts around the house.

  • Paint backsplash. It was a dark bluish grey, that I am sick of and want to lighten up, so I picked up a quart of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, and I am looking forward to a lighter and brighter kitchen!
  • Take 2 Boxes of junk to Goodwill. We live in an old farmhouse and storage areas are at a premium, and they seem remarkably cluttered lately, it is time to go through and get rid of stuff I don’t need. I have 2 larger sized boxes that recently came from a order I received,  so the plan is to just fill those and donate or get rid of clutter I don’t need.
  • Stay on top of the housework Like I said my house is pretty clean right now, and I am totally enjoying it. I created myself a little daily checklist of tasks to do EVERYDAY so I stay on top of things.

Looking forward to this week…. 

Really this week I am looking forward to getting into our summer routines.  Schoool is out, and I want to enjoy this summer. I have created a morning and evening routine for myself, so we can use the day to enjoy the summer.

Looking around the house….

Things are looking pretty good right now, but there are a few things I want to change up a bit.

  • I do want to swap out the decor above my kitchen sink, but I will probably do that after I paint my backsplash.
  • Put together a plan for an odd little area we have behind the living room. For years when the kids where younger it is where we stored their toys, now it is empty and looks like a forgotten space.  I am thinking it would be a good reading area.

My one big goal for this week…

Our grocery budget is one of the hardest places for me to stay disciplined and consistent, and now that summer is here the kids are around the house more, more food is eaten. I have already seen an upswing in my weekly grocery total, and more midweek runs to pick up additional items. So, my big goal for this week is to take a good hard look at the grocery budget, and put together a plan to reduce our spending on food, and cut back on waste.



I hope your week is off to a great start! What do you have planned?


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MaryBeth Myers

Sunday 7th of October 2018

Good evening, I just discovered your blog & it was just what I was looking for, unfortunately so many other similar ones were from a couple years ago & inactive. I hope yours is still going strong :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.