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My Light and Fun 2019 Summer Reading List

Summer reading means something a bit different to everyone. Some people prefer to completely switch to vacation mode with fun, easy reads, while others like an action-packed page turner.

Personally, I fall into the first camp, and enjoy lighthearted books I can fly through, that I don’t have to work too hard on, but can get easily immersed in.

I’ve recently discovered the “British romantic comedy fiction” genre while reading A Little Vintage Lady blog, and think it is perfect light reading for the summer time. I haven’t read any of these yet, but they were chosen because of the fun, romantic, and nostalgic themes, think Hallmark Movie type books. I am looking forward to escaping to English Countrysides, cozy cottages and quaint village bakeshops!

This list is a mixed bag of books, some are “new realeases”, but some have been around a while. Since I have never heard of these titles and authors here in the States, they are all new to me, and I am thrilled to discover a new genre to read!

I will come back and update this post with my thoughts on each book after I have read them.

My Light and Fun 2019 Summer Reading List

Light and fun reading list for summer. Books from the UK that all have been chosen for their romantic, and nostalgic themes!

Have you read any of the books above? What did you think? Also, if there are any books you think I should add to my list please let me know!

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