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My Word of The Year: Grace

For the past several years, I have used a goal planner to help me map out my year. Every December, I pen my goals, intentions, and desires into a paper planner for the new year. As part of my planning process for the upcoming year, I also pick a word of the year. 

My word of the year is meant to help me move through my year intentionally and remind me of what I have decided to prioritize. I really enjoy picking a word of the year and find the practice does help me to continue to move in the right direction.

My words of the year were all related to growth in the past. I also set measurable goals and benchmarks to help me determine if I was taking the right actions and staying on track. 

My previous words of the year were: Bloom, Intentional, and Cultivate.

Which worked well when life was less tumultuous. 

In previous years I have checked huge accomplishments off my list. In the past couple of years, not so much. In 2020 and 2021, my planner was cast aside halfway through the year and remained out of sight and mind. This casting aside of resolutions mid-year was not uncommon during these years based on what I’ve seen in planner Facebook groups. 

But I know myself. I tend to be very critical of myself and have an all-or-nothing attitude. If I don’t feel like I am doing something well, I will avoid or completely abandon whatever project I am working on. 

This is why in 2022, I am moving away from performance-based goals to something a little more abstract. 

 In 2022 I want to give myself the grace to practice getting messy and getting started. Making mistakes, learning from them, and making corrections. 

I have heard the word Grace thrown around more than ever this year. There are several definitions of the word grace. But the idea that we need to be patient, understanding, and forgiving for being less than perfect really resonates with me in this season of life. 

I want to have more grace with the people in my life. Grace toward my husband and kids. But also myself. I want to be more kind and gentle with myself and forgive my missteps and life’s hiccups. 

Faced with the upcoming new year, some of us may feel like we need to completely makeover our life. It is very easy to focus on what needs to change and/or improve. While we all know that there is room for improvement, there is also room to give ourselves grace.

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Saturday 1st of January 2022

My word is going to be Glory! Everything for the Glory of God, from washing the dishes to going to dance class to all interactions with friends and family. I want it all to be to the Glory of God.


Friday 31st of December 2021

My word of the year is pause. Pause before I speak. Pause before I take action. I need to learn to slow down and stop trying to rush through life. I am a stay at home wife and mom. My boys are both old enough to attend school. Rarely do I have an actual need to rush through things, and yet I find myself trying to do things as quickly as possible. So I'm going to pause.


Friday 7th of January 2022

@Molly, I'm going to also use the word pause as my word of the year for the same reasons as you. Another reason is I have a daughter and a son and I need to start pausing so the Lord can use me to teach them the concept of pausing for His sake in this world of rush, rush, rush.

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