Nostaligic Vintage Christmas Inspired Decor (Decorate with Me)

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Recently while I was out shopping I spotted the cutest deer holiday decorations at Micheals. One of the deer was laying and the other standing, they were lightly coated with a large flake glitter, as if they were just out in the freshly fallen snow, and had the most adorable vintage look to them, so of course, I brought them both home with me.

Purchasing these sweet deer transformed my shopping outing into a hunt for vintage-inspired Christmas Decorations. I knew instantly I wanted to pair my vintage duo with Bottle Brush Trees, and I was hoping to find some next door at the Target Dollar Spot, but the bottle brush trees there were small and kind of depressing looking, but I did grab 2 of the plaid table runners (I am saving the other for another holiday vignette).


During the late 1950s the discovery that brush-making machines — the kind that were used to manufacture, bottle brushes or hair brushes — could be adapted to make artificial Christmas trees. These dense little trees have “branches” made of PVC have seen a 2nd wave of popularity again, and why not, they are cute as a button! But an authentic vintage bottle brush tree will set you back about $50 for a 9-10 inch bottle brush tree coated with flocking. New versions of these timeless favorites holiday are readily available, and quite inexpensive, so I am happy to enjoy my “vintage inspired” bottle brush trees.

I had to add a little milk glass, I love this stuff and I am constantly on the hunt for pieces that are 50% off at the thrift store! Milk glass is usually pretty plentiful at thrift stores, and even though the stuff I pick up doesn’t generally have much value but I still find it appealing, and enjoy collecting it.

If you are interested in seriously collecting Milk Glass the pieces from the early 20th century, also known as the American Gilded Age, milk glass was synonymous with the cultural prosperity of the wealthy American culture.  Milk glass made during the Gilded Age is still considered some of the best ever made. It is known for the delicacy and elegance and were often seen on display in upper-class American homes.

I am super in love with this sweet little vignette, and think I may try to do all my Christmas decorations in a vintage theme this year!


Reproduction Vintage Items:
Tabletop Vintage Deer Decor Accent By Ashland™ at Michaels sale price $8.99 each (full price $14.99)
Plaid Holiday Table Runner @ Target Dollar Spot $3.00
Large Bottle Brush Tree at Home Goods $7.99
9-inch Bottle Brush Tree at Walmart $3.00
6-inch Bottle Brush Tree at Walmart $1.00
Mini Shiny & Matte Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments $3.48
Berry Bushes at Dollar Tree $1.00 each

Vintage Items I shopped from my house:
Vintage Cookie Cutters (Inherited)
Vintage Milk Glass Candy Dish (Goodwill)
Vintage Enamelware Measuring Cup (found in barn)


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